Let's Fight

I will contend with those who contend with you. Isaiah 49:25 (ESV)

The definition of contend is to compete, vie, contest, fight, battle, tussle, go head to head. In Isaiah God says he will contend for us. He will get involved, stand in the gap and battle for us. He will go before us and battle our battles. He will fight for what we are fighting for.

And I think he expects the same from us.  I think he wants us to fight for what's important to him. Primarily, his kids. What does that look like? Maybe it looks like coming along side someone who is struggling, placing an arm around their shoulders and giving them a hug. Maybe it will be showing up on moving day or during a time when someone feels overwhelmed and alone. Maybe it's going to your knees and battling in prayer. It is never watching from the side-lines and doing nothing. It means following that prompting to be in the middle of a sometimes messy life.

There are so many ways that we can come along side God to "contend" for each other. One of the things I've discovered in this discipleship journey, people are the most important thing to God. He puts them in your path for a reason. He's inviting you to join the battle - to go head to head for his kids. Join in! You have an army of angels all around and the power of God at your front.

Will it be hard sometimes?  Yes! Will it be worth everything you pour into it? Most definitely! One thing you can be sure of....the reward is huge. When you bow before Jesus and hear him say, "Well done good and faithful servant!" you will know it was all worth it.