elaine Kapetanakis

Elaine is an everyday missionary looking to grow her relationship with Jesus and share that with others. In addition to doing her everyday job, she wants to be a woman after God's own heart seeking to know Him through prayer and time. She resides with her husband in Northern Virginia. She has been blessed with two children, Ryan and Meagan and one grandson.

Thought for the Day
By Elaine Kapetanakis

Thought For the Day: Book

Many years ago, I stopped going to church. I was busy with my life and to tell you the truth, wasn’t interested in God. He had always been portrayed as a God of rules. After a few years, I had children and started thinking about what I would teach them. One day, I decided to take them to church.

During that service, God spoke to me. He asked me to come back. I told Him, “No thanks, I am not interested in the rules.” He said, “Come, get to know me.” I reluctantly agreed.

Thought for the Day is about getting to know and falling in love with God. It is a culmination of thought-for-the-day e-mails that were sent out during the period of time I was getting to know God.

God has walked me through it one baby step at a time. He will do the same for you.

Published by: WestBow Press