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Thought for the Day
By Elaine Kapetanakis

Thought For the Day: Book

Many years ago, I stopped going to church. I was busy with my life and to tell you the truth, wasn’t interested in God. He had always been portrayed as a God of rules. After a few years, I had children and started thinking about what I would teach them. One day, I decided to take them to church.

During that service, God spoke to me. He asked me to come back. I told Him, “No thanks, I am not interested in the rules.” He said, “Come, get to know me.” I reluctantly agreed.

Thought for the Day is about getting to know and falling in love with God. It is a culmination of thought-for-the-day e-mails that were sent out during the period of time I was getting to know God.

God has walked me through it one baby step at a time. He will do the same for you.

Published by: WestBow Press