Friday, Mar 17

When Jesus saw him and knew he had been ill for a long time, he asked him, “Would you like to get well?” John 5:6 (NLT)

Would you like to get well? Jesus was talking to a man who had serious health issues. He was a paraplegic. At any time, being a paraplegic is difficult but, in this man's day the situation was horrible. He had to live on the charity of others. He either begged for his income or it was given to him by friends and family. To move around, he had to be physically carried or he had to pull himself along the streets with his hands. Imagine it, hands scarred and bleeding from the road and your body scratched and covered with brush-burns or scabs. Paraplegics often have no bladder and bowel control so cleanliness is an issue. Needless to say, folks steered clear.

But not Jesus. When Jesus walked into the pools, he didn't migrate toward the 'easiest'  person to help; he bee-lined it to one of the most difficult cases. Not only was this man physically impaired, he was spiritually impaired as was indicated by Jesus' comment "Stop sinning." No matter how hopeless we seem, Jesus is with us, helping us.

How about you? Do you steer clear of the hard to sort through people with really messy lives? Or, do you get involved and stand by them in the mess. Jesus often got involved in the mess helping people who would have been abandoned otherwise. It seems to me the question "Would you like to get well?" is directed to all of us. Not only do we need his presence in our lives, It is through living as Christ did that we are truly healed.