Written Just For You

For the word of God is alive and powerful. Hebrews 4:12 (NLT)

A few years back we went through a very difficult time. It was a time of life falling apart. Nothing was sure except that I was unsure. I was unsure about everything. In a blink of an eye we could lose it all. During this time, I felt God tell me to wait on him and trust that he was going to provide.

Man, is that hard. Each day I would wake up totally insecure feeling that the bottom was going to fall out. I was so overwhelmed that I would get up and go talk to God and look for what he had to say…mostly because I didn’t know what else to do. It was what made me feel better. During those times, God would speak. Each day in my worship I would read my Bible, read devotionals or other books and each day there was a Word from the Lord.

Some days it was in the form of encouragement. Some days it was about my relationship with Jesus. Some days it told me to trust and hold steady. The messages were always there and they always calmed my soul.

I started pondering the powerful Word of God. It was so alive and on point. And personal. That’s when I realized I had had a bias about reading my Bible. When I was growing up, I always heard "You should read your Bible.” I felt I had to do it to check the box. Of course, my thoughts were wrong.

After this experience with the Word, I realized that God uses the Bible to speak to us. It is a personal conversation with each of us individually every single time we open it up. That specific phase in my life is over but I still turn toward my Bible every day to hear what God is trying to tell me. I want to know him more and hear how he loves me. I want to hear what he wants.

Friend, if you see the Bible as part of a Christian checklist or if you are sure it will be boring and offer nothing, I encourage you to pick it up. Pick it up with the idea that you are going to find God in it. Pick it up so you can be part of a love story that jumps off the pages into your life and heart.

I promise you, there is power and healing in those Words.