Your Heart Moved

Then the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?” Genesis 3:9 (NLT)

Eve was living her life. She had a comfortable place to live. She had everything she needed to thrive. One day, she was walking in the neighborhood and she encountered a newcomer. As she talked to him, there was a restlessness that began to creep into her mind.

As he talked, he began to suggest that there were things in her life that were missing. Take for example this beautiful fruit. “Why aren’t you enjoying it? It’s right there in front of you. All you have to do it take it.”

Eve began to ponder that. Why wasn’t she enjoying it? Then she remembered, God said no. God said that was not important for her life of happiness. She relayed this to the newcomer and he said “Nonsense!” Everyone needs to branch out and try new things. This, this will complete you. It will bring you fulfillment.”

Eve was convinced. She ate the fruit and then shared it with her husband.

After they obtained what they thought they could never have, things weren’t quite the same. The restlessness was worse. The feeling that something was broken weighed heavy on their minds. As they were trying to sort through this, God showed up. He called out “Where are you?”

God wasn’t looking for their physical location. He knew their exact spot. He was asking more about their hearts. “What happened to make your heart afraid? What caused this distance between us? Where did you go?”

It is so easy for us to follow the path of Eve…..I think we get distracted by the sparkly stuff all the time.

If only I made more money, things would be easier. If I had a life partner, I would be able to move on with my life. If I could just __________________ (you fill in the blank), I would be set. We all do it. What we don’t do is figure God’s question into the equation. You see, God doesn’t care about any of those things. What he cares about is how you answer his question; “Where are you?”

So let me ask you today. Where is your heart? What is more important to you than your relationship with Jesus? Are you really sure obtaining that will fix the restlessness in your soul?