Hold Me

But when I am afraid, I will put my trust in you. Psalm 56:3 (NLT)

My grandson loves to play with his Papou (Grandfather.) He will come over and they will play together and explore all kinds of things. One of the games they play is Hide and Seek. Now that The Little Dude (our nickname for our grandson) is older, my husband hides and the Dude is supposed to find him. Except, the Dude now knows that sometimes my husband will jump out and scare him.

When they start to play, my grandson comes and grabs my hand and says “Hold me.” It’s his way of saying he wants me to pick him up. Then he points to the room where his Papou is hiding and says he wants me to play too. As I walk into the room, he wraps his arms around my neck and buries his face in my shoulder and holds on!

You see, he wants to have the adventure with his grandfather but he is also nervous about what’s around the corner. He doesn’t stop playing and walk away, he goes to get someone that will hold him so he doesn’t have to face it alone.

I feel this same way sometimes. I love the adventures I go on with God but sometimes they make me nervous. Heck, sometimes they are downright scary. A part of me wants to turn around and sit comfortably in the room with all the lights on. There, I can see everything that is going to happen and I know how to handle it. But if I did this, I would miss out on the adventure with my Heavenly Father.

I am trying to be more like my grandson. I go to Jesus and say “I am afraid of this next step. Will you hold me?” And he does. As I pour out my concerns to him, he takes hold of my hand and says “Just keep walking. I am here with you.” I am still nervous, just like my grandson, but somehow venturing into the unknown is a lot easier if I am being held.