He's Got This

The Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God. Romans 8:27 (NIV)

The other day at Bible Study we started discussing the Holy Spirit. Of course, you can't do that in one sitting...or probably a hundred because there is too much to Him. But that's another Thought!

The next day, I came across this text and it brought me back to our discussion. We often feel like we are alone in our stuff.  We are alone in our decisions. We are alone in our problems. We are facing the emotional upheavals by ourselves. We forget.

We forget that when we chose Jesus, when we were baptized that we were filled with the Holy Spirit. We forget that he is a part of our lives and is very, very involved. The Holy Spirit is always working on our behalf doing the will of God. 

When I ponder this, well, it kind of blows my mind. As I am processing through some tough decisions at work, he is there guiding me. When I am praying about a tiff I had with someone, he is convicting my heart. When I am facing a problem that is way bigger than I can handle on my own, he is working on my behalf in the background. And when I am dreaming about the big dreams God has placed on my heart, he is showing me step by step how to get there. Like I said, blows my mind.

If we know that the Holy Spirit is involved, is intervening on our behalf working the plan out according to what God wants (even if we can't see it right this second), shouldn't we be confident in what's happening in our lives? I guess my next question is Do we believe it?