Facing The Impossible

Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God.  Romans 4:20 (NLT)

Abraham walked toward the designated spot. I imagine his heart was aching within and there was a knot in his stomach the size of a basketball. Beside him was Isaac, his son. His only son.

God had asked the unthinkable and as hard as he tried, he could not think his way past what he had to do. He could say no. He could reject the request and go on with his life but to do that would mean to go on with his life without God as the center. That, he couldn't do.

So he climbed the hill and prepared to face the choice he had made. As he prepped the alter to sacrifice his son, what was going through his mind? How could he face this? How would he make it through? 

In those moments, he decided one thing and that one thing was that he trusted what God said and he trusted what God allowed, no matter what it looked like to him. And that became the plan. Trust God no matter how crazy it seemed. Trust God even if in his human way of thinking it didn't make any sense. Wrestle as he might, that is where he always ended up.

God showed up with a replacement for Isaac and Abraham called the place Yahweh-Yireh which means "the Lord will provide." And Abraham's faith grew stronger.

Every time we trust God our faith grows. And as we take that step of faith, as we choose God's impossible over our possible, as we live our lives believing that he is more powerful than anything we face, that is when God is glorified.