Talking Back To Satan

One day he asked the woman, “Did God actually say.....? Genesis 3:1 (ESV)

Did God actually say ________________ (fill in the blank)? What he said would happen won't happen. These are the things we hear in our heads. Satan's goal is to get us to doubt God. He was small minded and jealous when he set out to deceive Eve. He was expelled from Heaven; he lost the war he waged against God. His attack on Eve was not against Eve. He wanted her to fail as he had so he could point to God and his character and say his love wasn't good.

Nothing has changed in thousands of years. Every time he says to us "Did God actually say that?" or "Maybe you are imaging it." or "God doesn't talk to people." and "He certainly doesn't talk to you."  he is not attacking you. He is attacking God. He wants us to fail so he can point to that and say that God failed. He wants people to think that God's plan of mercy and justice couldn't possibly work. 

But it is working. Satan can't point at Jesus and say he was a failure. Jesus won. Jesus overcame. And he did it so we could overcome. So now, when Satan says to you "You failed." you can say "No, Satan. You failed. I am covered by Jesus and with his help, I am living proof that love can prevail. I will keep walking and I will become more like Jesus every day. And that, Satan, is something you will never do."

God's strange mixture of justice and mercy does work. Just remember who Satan is trying to destroy when he comes at you. It's not you, it's God. And remember, every time you reject that negative voice in your head saying you can't do it, you have overcome.

Keep walking. Keep resisting. God's already got this one in the bag.