Looking for Life

Why are you looking among the dead for someone who is alive? Luke 24:5 (NLT)

The Bible is great at asking questions that are hard to answer or that make you think. So let me ask you, do you ever look for life by staring at death? We don't usually do that. We look for life among the living. When Jesus came the Bible says he came so we could live life abundantly. How often do we choose instead to live life boxed in?

When we choose to stare at our troubles and stay focused on our feelings of hopelessness, Jesus is not there. He told us we'd have troubles. He also told us he had already overcome those. He's alive!

When we focus on the past and not the future, when we decide that we cannot do anything worthwhile because of mistakes we made, Jesus is not there. He didn't die and rise again so we could walk through life on our own merit. He died and rose again so we can know we are forever forgiven and that in him all things are possible.

Most importantly, readjusting our thinking so we look at living our lives the very best we can because we've been given an opportunity greater than anyone could imagine, that is choosing life. And that is worship. We can bow down, praise and worship in the here and now because Jesus is not among the dead. He is alive!