Don't Just Stand There

Jesus called out to them, “Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!” Matthew 4:19 (NLT)

Question for you. What would you think of someone who signed up for a gym membership, then every day went into the gym and either stood by the door or sat on the benches and watched? After some time, they got upset because nothing changed. Their muscle mass didn't increase, they didn't lose any weight and they didn't feel any better.

Or what would you think of someone who accepted a new job and every day went into the office and sat at their desk but did nothing? Their knowledge of the new job did not increase. They didn't learn any new skills or intellect and they failed to become part of the team. They thought it was good enough just to come and sit at their desk. Then, they wondered why they got fired.

We read these scenarios and laugh. It is ludicrous to think that you can make a change by not doing anything. It is laughable to think that you can sit and not contribute but expect something different. (What is Einstein’s definition of insanity? To do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.) But, we do this all the time with God.

We say we accept Jesus as our Savior and that we believe and then we go to church and sit there and do nothing. When Jesus called the disciples he didn't say "Come, follow me, and then get back into your boat and sit there." He said "Come, follow me and I will show you how…. (emphasis mine)." He said this, by the way, intending that they would actually do it. There was no way he could grow his church with a bunch of people who just sat.

I'm not saying that you will be saved by what you do. Just like working out in the gym won't prevent you from getting a disease or working at your job will automatically set you up for life. But, if you became a Christian because you knew there was something more, because you believed in the promises of a God who loves you, you wanted something more than a one day a week, let me check the box kind of relationship, then God has a role for you in his kingdom.

So what do you do next? Look around. God is working everywhere. He wants you to help him. Help your next door neighbor or your colleague with something. Look for ways to give of yourself to someone. God will bless what you do. And, just like with the disciples, Jesus will show you how. Keep talking to him. Keep looking for him. He’s got a plan and he wants your help. Go out and love somebody today.