What Do You Want For Christmas?

What do you want me to do for you? Luke 18:41 (NLT)

What would you respond if Jesus asked you this question?  What do you want?

To me, this is a hard question to answer. I want a lot of things.  Even if you take out the material things, the healing for other people I know, the desire for my loved ones to be whole or to have the pain taken away or to have them know Jesus, even if you take out all of those things, I still get stuck.

Just say I focus only on me.  What do I personally want from Jesus? Even there the list is long. There are so many things......I guess then I wonder what really matters?

And then, another question. If I don't know what I want from Jesus, how will I ever know if I got it?

Maybe, we don't have to break it down to one answer. Maybe, it's about just wanting Jesus, the whole package and all that that brings to my life. The fullness and completeness of a relationship with him that looks different every day and accomplishes so much throughout a lifetime. Maybe it's about starting with the wonderment of a stable through the glory of a second coming and not trying to put it all in one box - one size fits all. One size doesn't fit all....and Jesus knows that.

So for now, for today, that is my answer.  I want Jesus. All of him and every wonderful, difficult, challenging, amazing, joyful, messy scenario that comes with loving him.