We Don't Have a Clue

And that every tongue should confess ...... Philippians 2:11 (KJV)

I keep thinking about this text. What is it every tongue should confess? Should every tongue confess that God is Love? Should every tongue confess that Jesus came, died and was resurrected so we would live forever? Should we confess that this applies to all of us, not just folks who look and act like us?

Should our tongues confess that no matter what Jesus loves you; that he died for you? No Matter What. And when should our tongues confess this?  Will it be only when he comes again? Shouldn't our tongues be confessing this NOW?

So often we see this text as something that will happen in the future but if it isn't happening now, it won't happen in the future. We are not likely to suddenly change our behavior and become more Christ-like just before Jesus comes. We have to know him now. We have to be able to confess who he is today. Today.

Can you? Do you know who he truly is? I don't. For the most part we don't have a clue who Jesus really is because he is too much for us to handle. There is no way I will ever fully understand Jesus but, it is my life's journey to find out.  How about you?