Friday, Mar 3

But these are only hints of his power,
    only the whispers that we have heard.
Who can know how truly great God is?
Job 26:14 (GNT)

I admit it. I am guilty. I am guilty of looking at my current circumstances and thinking what God is asking me to do can't be done. I lean towards believing with my eyes and not with my heart or my experience. Not too many months ago, I was following God's leading on something he asked me to do. What he asked wasn't logical but I asked for confirmation and I got it so I moved forward. As we were walking this path, things went from bad to worse (or so it seemed to me). In frustration I emphatically exclaimed my dissatisfaction and asked him why he'd take us down this path. Two weeks passed and everything fell into place. Perfectly. It was then I realized that it had to unravel before it could be put back together. Of course, God knew. He always does. I hate it when I trust my sight and in so doing I make God look small. One thing I do trust though, as we walk through this journey and I learn a lesson in trust, he's smiling and saying "You are learning, dear one, you are learning."

Who can know how truly great God is? Don't just listen to the whispers of his power. Trust in him and experience it for yourself.